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Hey guys, a really fast one today but a fabulous one…

The guys at Design Cuts are celebrating their 5th birthday and they’re really pushing the boat out with their celebrations. They’re offering 100 of their best design resources for $5 each until Tuesday 16th October! Yep, that’s right…

If you need an introduction, Design Cuts is an online marketplace with some of the best creative resources out there, offering really high-quality fonts, graphics, add-ons and templates. It’s creatives’ heaven! They’re most well known for their bundles, where they put together a great selection of resources covering one particular topic, and offer them at super discounted prices, saving us hundreds of pounds. I particularly love the Mockups bundles!

So I thought I’d share with you my favourite resources reduced to $5 right now…

Please note: As a Design Cuts affiliate, I’ll get a small commission if you buy any of the products featured here (at no extra cost to you, but it does help run the blog!). But please be assured that I only recommend stuff that I would buy/use myself, and that’s a promise.



I have to confess that I’m a sucker for mockups… Being a surface pattern designer, there are never enough mockup resources in my arsenal. I want to be able to visualise my designs on as many products and in as many settings as is humanly possible. And I have a feeling you might be the same… So here are the chosen ones:

Art Equipment Scene Generator V4 - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

This Art Equipment Scene Generator toolkit is perfect for the busy artist looking to show off their project. Present your work in a professional and visually-stunning way with this awesome presentation pack.

This scene generator includes: Old boxes, brushes, pens, papers, sketchbooks etc. Paste your designs directly into the scenes or add your special signature to the old box or notebook covers.

You can also add a watercolor effect to your designs using the “Watercolor Generator”. This tool allows you to get a realistic watercolor effect by just pasting into the smart object. You can also now do this with “Hand Sketched”, an additional effect in this pack. – Design Cuts

Mockup Scene Creator Desk Edition - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

Use it for your Store presentations, Header images, Product mockups, Poster frame presentations, Environment designs, Website previews and so much more!

A great way for any creative person to show off their work. In this .PSD you can create your own fully customisable desk environment where you can display your own, or your clients work. You basically have endless ways to style it. – Design Cuts

Essential Packaging & Branding Mockup - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

Packaging and branding is a vastly diverse field and designing creatively is the most important and difficult part. To help make things easier for you, Mockup Zone proudly presents Essential Packaging & Branding Mockup Pack. The main focus of our new pack is to provide you with the essentials to present your next project, no more redundant, unnecessary items, just the ones that you should have. You can easily create your next project with fully customizable and layered PSD files. With ultra high resolution and realistic results, these items are great for creating professional banners for your website or theme presentation as well. – Design Cuts

Coffee Branding & Packages Mockup - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

Many designers love creating branding for coffee shops or restaurants. It is really fun to see your designs on a cup of coffee or on food packaging. Are we right?

This is  a comprehensive mock up pack for those creating branding for coffee shops or restaurants. Included are tons of photos and customizable mockups. We have also included some cool photo mock ups. This is all you need for a unique presentation of that awesome diner brand you’ve been working on. – Design Cuts

Branding Showcase Generator and Photos - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

This file lets you create awesome presentations for your clients or your portfolio. You will have a mock up generator with tons of branding elements and 29 branding mock up pre-made scenes. Insert your designs into these scenes and migrate items, create your own scenes, or use one of 29 changeable ground photo mockups. – Design Cuts

Textures & brushes

Although my designs are mostly flat coloured, I do have a thing for textures. If used skillfully they can add a deeper dimension to our designs. These resources are right up my street:

Dusty's Print Shop - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

At Dusty’s we like to go old school and do everything by hand. We love those little imperfections that give our work character and life. We also know that not everyone has the time to spend hand making their work. So Dusty’s Print Shop has made it easy for you with this simple to use Smart .PSD for Photoshop. – Design Cuts

The Woodcut Brush Kit - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

Give your illustrations realistic woodcut, block print, and linocut effects with this collection of 32 woodcut brushes for Adobe Illustrator and 24 ink texture brushes for adding finishing touches in Photoshop. – Design Cuts

AD Screentones - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

These special brushes (ABR) were created to reproduce the “screentone” technique, which is traditionally used for applying mechanical textures and shades to drawings, also known as an alternative to hatching. ‘AD Screentones’ isn’t just a collection but almost a factory of screentones. – Design Cuts


And last but not least fonts… What designer doesn’t love a good font? I believe I’m a font hoarder and when I see a good font I have to have it… You have to be crazy not to grab these beauties at this crazy price! Take for example the Futura package, it has gone from $662 down to fricking $5!!! Here are my favourite ones:

Futura - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

Futura is the prototype of a geometric and constructed linear sans serif and the most commonly used font of its kind, used to date. Futura, very much influenced by the Bauhaus movement in Germany, was designed in 1927 by Paul Renner. Although being around for almost 90 years, Futura seems eternally young and fresh which also explains its continuous popularity with designers and typographers. Futura simply means efficiency and functionality, documented by both its many usages as corporate type (e.g. Volkswagen, formerly IKEA, Vuitton, Shell, formerly HP, SMA and many more) as well as in various famous film projects (e.g. Kubrick, Anderson etc.). Futura’s iconic status was probably established when it walked on the moon with the Apollo 11 crew in 1969. It was used for the lettering of the plaque that was left up there. – Design Cuts

Local Brewery Script + Sans - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

The script and sans serif are both hand-drawn with a rough edge.

Local Brewery Script comes with lower case y, g and tail alternates included in the font’s glyphs. These alternates will give your designs an extra flair and uniqueness. – Design Cuts

Franklin Gothic - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

Franklin Gothic and its related faces are a large family of realist sans-serif typefaces developed by the type foundry American Type Founders (ATF) and credited to its head designer Morris Fuller Benton. “Gothic” was a contemporary term (now little-used except to describe period designs) meaning sans-serif. Franklin Gothic has been used in many advertisements and headlines in newspapers. – Design Cuts

True North - Design Cuts | Pitter Pattern

True North is a handmade vintage inspired font and monoline script that comes with wonderful illustrations. – Design Cuts

Phew! So these are the 12 chosen ones but let me remind you that there are another 88 amazing products where these came from, so go on and have a peek if you’re curious!

I hope you agree with me on the beauty and usefulness of these awesome design resources. If you saw something that caught your eye go and get it before it’s too late. Remember this offer is only until next Tuesday, 16th October (midnight UK time).

See you soon and have a lovely creative day!

I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!


  1. My absolute pleasure! You and your products are awesome… Keep up the good work :-)

  2. Design Cuts

    Thank you so much for sharing our 5th birthday event with your community, we hope that you all are really enjoying picking up some great additions for your design tool collections :)

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