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Licensing for Artists course with Juliet Meeks | Pitter Pattern

Did you join the free ‘Get Ready for Licensing Challenge’ with Juliet Meeks that I wrote about in my last post? I did, and it was packed with really useful info. I hope you managed to join in and learn a thing or two, like me!

If you want to keep going with the licensing journey, her ‘Licensing for Artists’ course might be the next step, and it’s open now for enrolment, but only until Wednesday 19th January 2022.

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Free 'Get Ready to License' Challenge with Juliet Meeks | Pitter Pattern

I’ve got something exciting to help you get through the January dullness and forget about the sad fact that Christmas is over. I hope you had a lovely one, by the way, with loads of lovely food, presents, movies, and more importantly, your loved ones by your side!

Artist and surface pattern designer Juliet Meeks is running a free event next week: ‘Get Ready to License Challenge: 5 Steps to Prep Your Art and Biz for Licensing’.

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Sale alert - Time to snatch up Repper the amazing pattern-making app | Pitter Pattern

Hello lovely pattern lover. How is your end of the year going? Are you ready for Christmas? I’m definitely not! I’ve been running like a headless chicken the last few weeks (months?), getting my shop, Republic of Happy, ready for the festive season. Who would have thought that running a product-based business needed so much planning!

Black Friday is just around the corner, and even though I tend to avoid the noise of the whole thing, the are some deals you just can’t ignore. This is one of them. And if you like making patterns, you’re gonna love it too…

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10 of the best Domestika courses for surface pattern designers | Pitter Pattern

You’re gonna love today’s post. If you haven’t heard of Domestika, you’re in for an awesome surprise, because they have some of the best courses for surface pattern designers (and all other types of creatives).

If you’re anything like me and love watching how other designers do their magic, these classes will have you launching Illustrator and Photoshop in no time, and totally excited about the possibilities!

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Building a brand - My journey to the 'Republic of Happy' | Pitter Pattern

Today I’m doing a different kind of post. I’m going to give you a little peek into a project I’ve been working on in the last few months and which I’m very excited about! If you’ve ever thought about launching your own brand/shop you might want to read on…

At the end of last year, after years of dreaming but not doing anything about it, I finally decided to launch my own online shop selling beautiful products printed with my designs, and ‘Republic of Happy was born.

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