Get your desk party started with Nolki's colourful stationery

Nolki’s colourful stationery design brand was founded by Australian designer Jackson Mahr in 2019, now based in London.

Nolki makes the yummiest stationery, using gorgeous bold geometric prints and super bright colours! They have a range of planners, journals, notebooks, and notepads to help you stay organised in style and get productive in a fun way. And they even have awesome washi tape to top it all off! No excuses not to get organised…


  • As some of you might already know, I’m a sucker for bright colours and geometric patterns, so Nolki with its colourful stationery hits all the right spots for me.
  • I’m also obsessed with productivity, and apart from loving all my digital tools, I also love having physical planners. There’s just something about real paper!
  • We all like to organise our days and lives in different ways and they have created a lovely range of products for different needs. You can choose from perpetual wall planners, to weekly planners to daily planners.
  • And if we can be more creative and have more fun with organising and planning then we should. As Nolki themselves put it: “Let’s start a desk party”!
  • If all you want is to take notes then the notebooks are a dream too. They have different sizes, all with stunning design covers.
  • And If making lists on paper is your thing then you’re gonna love their beautiful notepads.
  • Let’s not forget the delicious washi tape though. They even have Weeks and Days on a roll. Genius!
  • Best of all, no need to tidy these beauties up and put them away… These are all things that I’d purposefully leave lying around for people to gasp at!


Nolki's colourful stationery
Nolki’s Three Year Journal, Mini Block Three Notebook & Crayon Mini Week Planner

Nolki's colourful weekly goals notepad
Nolki’s Weekly Goals Pad, Blocki Mini Week Planner & Ventura Notebook

Nolki's colourful washi tape
Nolki’s Washi Tapes

Nolki's colourful notepad
Nolki’s Runway Day Pad

Nolki's colourful stationery at MoMA's shop
Nolki’s colourful stationery at MoMA

I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!

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