How To License Your Art Guide on iPad

I come with a very special resource for you today, and I’m sooo excited!

After many years working in the surface pattern design world, I’ve noticed one thing over and over again: everyone wants to know more about this ‘mysterious’ thing called licensing. So if you ever wondered how to license your art then definitely read on…

UPDATE: Juliet has now retired the guide and has replaced it with her online course ‘Licensing for Artists’: “A 6-week online course showing you how to license your art and see it produced on the products of your dreams.”

First, let me give you a little background on the woman behind this great digital guide.

Designer and artist Juliet Meeks at her studio with her dog Roxy
Photo by Gabby Chapin Photography

Juliet Meeks is an artist and surface pattern designer from New Orleans, mostly known for her beautiful and very colourful watercolour prints. She has her own range of products including prints, original paintings and textiles like tea towels and scarves. She’s also been licensing her prints and patterns to companies to use on products like fabric, gift packaging, apparel and accessories. Clients include Anthropologie, Birchbox and Cloud9Fabrics, and her designs have been featured on blogs like Design*Sponge, Martha Stewart, designlovefest, and HGTV Magazine.

Designer and artist Juliet Meeks with her fabric collection
Photo by Gabby Chapin Photography

So as you can see Juliet knows her stuff, and we’re so lucky that she’s decided to share some of her know-how with the rest of us in a downloadable 70+ page PDF, ‘The Art Licensing Guide: Begin or Refine your Licensing Career’. (Read to end for a special Pitter Pattern discount code!)

The guide was released just last week but I’ve already got my own copy and have read it from beginning to end, couldn’t put it down! This is definitely an awesome and very useful resource for all designers, artists and illustrators that have thought, at any point in their careers, about the possibility of licensing their art/designs but haven’t got round to it because it feels too scary, too complicated or just too overwhelming.

Juliet demystifies the whole process in a very friendly, thorough and clear way. She’s like a friend (a very professional one!) explaining to you all the ins and outs of the licensing world. The guide is also beautifully designed, with gorgeous graphics and colours, which I’m sure all creatives will appreciate.

How To License Your Art Guide example pages

She covers all the licensing basics to get you started on the right foot and then moves onto more technical aspects, from licensing types and terms to real-life pricing examples (everyone wants to know how to do pricing right!).

But she goes beyond licensing… She also talks about mindset, tools, branding, honing your style, marketing, and loads more awesome tips & tricks. She manages to successfully cover a wide range of topics without it feeling overwhelming.

She has also included 5 actionable worksheets, a bonus Q&A video and lifetime updates! You can see all the guide’s information and topics covered on her website.

Here are some awesome testimonials for the guide:

“This licensing guide is a gold mine. It will literally change businesses. Well worth the investment!”

“THIS IS INSANE! I mean you’re not just covering an insane amount of licensing information you are also helping people build their brand and ways they can stand out. You are guiding people who are new and seasoned. It’s incredible. The value of this will go far and you are hands down building the licensing community and setting it up for enormous success!”

“I am still reading it, currently on page 65. I know I should go to sleep but it is so well written, with so many details that I can’t stop. You did a really great job!”

“I used your guide to pitch and within a couple of hours I’m now talking to a company about a licensing collaboration!!”

How To License Your Art Guide on laptop

The guide is usually $147 but here’s the surprise… Juliet has arranged a limited offer, a 20% discount code [PITTERPATTERN20] for the first 10 Pitter Pattern readers to go and get it! So if you’re serious about learning how to license your art take advantage of this offer before it’s too late. I’m not an affiliate in any way, I just really loved this guide and think you’ll find it super useful. [Sorry peeps, all the codes have now been taken. They went like hotcakes! Read below though…]

If you’ve arrived at this post after the special discount has gone do not fret though… If you subscribe to her newsletter on her website you can still get a 15% discount!

I hope you enjoy the guide if you decide to get it and please share with us your experience, wins and a-ha moments after doing the exercises and applying any of the how-tos inside the guide.

Also, if you have any other licensing resources that you’ve found useful please share them with the rest of us down in the comments… Let’s make this licensing thing work for all!

And don’t forget to use your special code at checkout!

I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!

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