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UPDATE: This workshop’s already happened but there are Skillshare workshops popping up constantly, so keep an eye out!

Most of you might know by now that I’m a big fan of Skillshare. I devour any pattern class that gets published and I’ve found some real gems among all the noise. Some of my favourites are Bonnie Christine’s classes.

Bonnie is a surface pattern designer, artist, teacher and blogger at ‘Going Home To Roost’. She’s got several, very popular, surface pattern design classes and has run some great Skillshare workshops in the past.

So if you fancy a bit of pattern practice and a more personal guided experience you can hop on her latest 2-weeks workshop, ‘Master 5 Advanced Pattern Techniques’… But hurry up as places are going fast!

The workshop runs from Monday 27th November to Monday 11th December, costs $40 and there are only 100 places available.

I’ll let Bonnie/Skillshare do the talking as they explain perfectly what the workshop is going to be all about:

In this workshop, we’ll tackle the more advanced techniques we can use to build complex, beautiful repeating patterns in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll quickly cover the basics of building repeating patterns, and progress to more skilful pattern techniques like how to build geometric, diagonal, layered, textured and lined repeats.

Students will be guided through the course at a manageable pace, receive feedback on their work during the session and have the opportunity to attend a private (and live!) Q&A session with Bonnie.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll have (at least!) 5 beautiful complex patterns ready to add to a collection and put in your portfolio!

If you’re ready to commit to pattern design and enhance your career, this is the workshop for YOU.

Don’t forget, the workshop has a limited number of spots available, so don’t delay if you want to join (Bonnie’s workshops tend to fill up quickly)!

What You’ll Get:

Guided Experience: Bonnie will personally guide you through this workshop to help you successfully complete the course.

Feedback: Each student will receive personalized 1-on-1 feedback from Bonnie throughout the process.

Bonus Materials: Each workshop includes special articles, tips and advice that are only available to session students (not included in the regular class).

LIVE Q&A! Bonnie will be hosting a private LIVE Q&A Session for workshop students on Thursday, December 7th at 6:00 pm EST.

Intimate Learning Environment: Because this workshop is limited to 100 students, we will all experience it together and support one another along the way!

Private Facebook Group: You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group for ongoing support and feedback.

>> PRIZES for THIS workshop:

  • One top student will be chosen to receive a Skillshare Premium Membership for 1 year.
  • EVERY student who successfully completes this workshop will receive a Pattern Design certificate from Skillshare to show their completion.

How It Works

  • Join the session today to claim your spot. Remember, the workshop is only open to 100 students!
  • Make sure you’re enrolled in Advanced Techniques for Surface Pattern Design.
  • Once the workshop begins, remember to check your inbox! Every few days, you’ll receive an email outlining which project step to complete next.
  • Share your project phases in the class project gallery according to the session timeline below.
  • Keep an eye out for feedback and be sure to provide support and encouragement to your classmates, as well. The best learning experience on Skillshare is collaborative!
  • Upload your pattern(s) to the project gallery to successfully complete the session and receive your certificate.


Phase 1 – Skills Refresh + Introductions (Due Wednesday, November 29th)

  • *Optional refresh on Illustrator’s Essential Tools: Lessons 1-11 from Intro to Surface Pattern Design
  • Read “Gathering Inspiration for a Pattern Collection” (will be posted during the workshop)
  • Familiarize yourself with the workshop and Illustrator
  • Due: Introduce yourself on the community board & start your project with a quick bio

Phase 2 – Sketch, Scan & Vectorize (Due Saturday, December 2nd)

Phase 3 – Make a Geometric Pattern (Due Monday, December 4th)

  • Watch Technique #1 from Advanced Techniques in Surface Pattern Design
  • Read “Designing Coordinates for a Pattern Collection” (will be posted during class)
  • Create and use a custom colour palette
  • Due: Submit (at least) one version of a geometric pattern

Phase 4 – Make a Diagonal Pattern (Due Wednesday, December 6th)

LIVE Q&A! I’ll be hosting a private LIVE Q&A Session for workshop students on Thursday, December 7th at 6:00 pm EST.

Phase 5 – Make a Layered or Textured Pattern (Due Friday, December 8th)

  • Watch Technique #3 & 4 from Advanced Techniques in Surface Pattern Design
  • Read “Completing Collections & Building a Portfolio” (will be posted during class)
  • If you missed it, watch the LIVE Q&A recording from last week
  • Due: Submit (at least) one version of a layered or textured (or both!) pattern

Phase 6 – Make a Lined Pattern (Due Monday, December 11th)

If you like the sound of it and want to take part, you can sign up on Skillshare at ‘Master 5 Advanced Pattern Techniques’.

Also, if you want to find out about more fabulous pattern design classes on Skillshare, you can see these two past posts: ’10 best Skillshare classes for budding pattern designers’ and ’10 Skillshare pattern classes for surface designers – Vol. 2′.

I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!

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