Pattern and colour in nature - Felix Salazar | Pitter Pattern

I found this amazing collection of photographs, Macro Reef Dwellers: A Retrospective, by Felix Salazar and had to share them with you. Colour and patterns in nature, you might agree, are a great source of inspiration.

I’ve also created a colour palette for each photograph which you are very welcome to use in your own designs if you like them.

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10 best skillshare classes for budding pattern designers | Pitter Pattern

Ok, so I have a confession to make… I’m addicted… To Skillshare classes!

I’ve been a member of Skillshare for a couple of years now and my compulsion for finding and joining their fabulous classes hasn’t dwindled, if anything it’s increased. Any minute I have free I’ll be glued to my iPad learning new tricks. This can be while I’m having breakfast/lunch, while relaxing on the sofa (tv doesn’t do it for me anymore) or, let’s be open, on the loo, as I don’t like the feeling that my life is flushing away down the toilet ;-).

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All The Fruits wallpaper [1] on Pitter Pattern

All The Fruits is a multi-disciplinary creative studio formed in London and now based in Bologna, Italy. It was founded by illustrator Stephen Cheetham and interior designer Jessica Pinotti.

Their focus is surface design, working either to commission or on their self-initiated range of products, wallpapers and prints.

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Odellin’s geometric & colourful silk scarf collection [1] | Pitter Pattern

I found just by chance one of the most beautiful silk scarf collections I’ve seen in a long time. Odellin is a newly launched Amsterdam-based fashion accessories label, specialising in bold, expressive, modern fashion scarves.

The prints are an assembly of gorgeous and playful geometrics in the most delicious and striking colour palettes.

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