'Intersection' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith | Pitter Pattern

If you are on the Passion for Pattern blog hop today, you’ve probably just joined us from the wonderful blog of Claire Smillie. After you have read my post, make sure you visit Femi Ford’s who has some great designs to show you. If you have only just found the hop, pop over to Claire’s blog where you can get started and join in the fun!

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for more than 15 years and I have loved it!

In my first job, creativity was limited by time. We had to design to a brief and produce as many pieces a day as we could. It was graphic design mass production! I enjoyed it a lot, and I mean a lot, and learned an amazing amount about the industry but the problem with this kind of job is that it steals your creative soul. My imprint got lost, or maybe I hadn’t even had time to develop one. I needed a break, I needed to find out what I really wanted to do because I knew this wasn’t it. I left my job and went to London to study a Multimedia course. I wanted to see my graphics on-screen, I wanted to experiment, I wanted to be a student again. No briefs, no clients, no boss. A time for learning!

'The Bright Side' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith | Pitter Pattern

After finishing my course and hundreds of CVs later I landed an apprenticeship in a web design agency in London. I had a fun time, learned a lot and made some fantastic friends but my creativity got buried under a pile of code… I left that job too…

Then motherhood grabbed me and I decided to give it all my attention. My design brain went down the plughole. Apart from the lack of time, I needed somebody telling me to design this or that. I felt that without the brief there wasn’t any point. I didn’t grab a sketchbook for 7 years!

'Spiced Swirls' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith | Pitter Pattern

At the end of last year, my youngest started school and I found myself with loads of time on my hands. I wanted to get back into designing and my brain was kind of ready. I told myself this could be my last chance. But there was something stopping me, I had to find some clients.

A friend mentioned the ‘Print & Pattern’ blog over a cup of tea. After she left I poured myself into this eclectic world of patterns and couldn’t get out for hours. This was it, it all clicked, all fell into place. This was what I was supposed to be doing!

'Flower Burst' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith | Pitter Pattern

I have always surrounded myself with bright, colourful patterns and if I ever enter a shop, patterns are always what calls my attention, never mind what they’re on. For some strange reason, it never occurred to me to be the creator and not the buyer!

One of the things I liked about this new discovery was that I could start creating right now, no more excuses. I didn’t have to find clients first, quite the opposite, I had to build a fantastic portfolio before I could approach anyone.

'Bold Honeycomb' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith | Pitter Pattern

A few months later, a couple of online courses under the belt and hundreds of hours of research and I’ve never been happier! I rediscovered the creative soul I had lost and my fear of blank pieces of paper it’s mostly gone. I wake up every morning excited about what the day will bring, what I will learn and what pattern ideas will come to me.

'Jolly Blooms' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith | Pitter Pattern

I really like the idea that I can design non stop and it is all part of building up my business. I couldn’t have designed a poster, a business card or a website and then found the client for it.

I’m doing it the right way, I’m doing it my way!

I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!


  1. Thanks Marjorie for your lovely comment and I’m happy that you like the blog!

  2. Marjorie

    Hi Veronica, just discovered your blog as I was doing research on surface design. Thanks for sharing with us your journey and being an inspiration. I can relate to this post on all levels, I hope to develop my skills and create some wonderful patterns as you do. Guepa jejej :)

  3. Thanks David, wishing you the same!

  4. David Hallgarth

    Really enjoyed your story and seeing your work. Wishing you great fun and happiness following your creativity

  5. Excellent story of your journey, Veronica! Beautiful designs too!

  6. i love your blog and your designs are beautiful and so inspiring. I have just finished module 1 of ABSPD so it is great to see everyones work and stories from module 3

  7. Mary

    Hi Veronica! I know what you mean about the “fear of a blank piece of paper”! I just finished Module 1, and I’m super excited to move on to M2! Much success to you!!

  8. claire

    What an inspiring story ( a little similar to mine too, so I empathise with career breaks and rediscovery) You look all set to go – good luck :)

  9. Jennifer

    Your work is amazing! I’m loving this bloghop to see what all of the module 3 folks have been up to. It’s so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your work and your story with us!

  10. verogalbraith Author

    Thanks a lot for all the lovely comments, they make me really happy!

  11. Hola Veronica!
    Yo también soy Colombiana y vivo en Milán desde el 2005.
    Hace dos semanas terminé el primer módulo del curso The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design y ahora estoy contando los días hasta el 18 de Junio para empezar el segundo módulo.
    Me encanta la idea que tuvieron de reunirse y exponer su trabajo…

    It’s also nice to see the ‘Seniors’ of the course, and your amazing work. So far I’ve only seen Claire’s and your work, but I’m really impressed. You both have not only beautiful blogs, but are also displaying great surface design pieces ^_^

    See you around!

  12. Leslie

    Gorgeous designs Veronica. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog today and just subscribed so I can stay posted on what you’re up to. Congratulations & best wishes to you, cheers!

  13. Evelyn Cassoli

    Hi Veronica! I loved your blog and your fantastic designs.
    They’re very sophisticated.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life story.
    It’s really inspiring!!! xx

  14. Emine

    I definitely understand you Veronica..It’s so wonderful that you have found your calling and it shows! = )

  15. Vero, on top of being a great SPDesigner, you’re a talented writer. G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s post!

  16. Beautiful work and I really understand the sentiment about rediscovering your creative soul. It’s exciting that we’re able to just create and be passionate about what we do. x

  17. Valerie Brown

    Nice blog! I also loved hearing the story and seeing the fabulous patterns (I do love color!!).

  18. jennie

    such an inspirational blog.

    well done :-)

  19. Hi Vero, really love your beautiful wprk & style, so fabulous!! Also love to read your (recognizable..) story!
    Think we all found our passion goals here…xx

  20. Love your patterns, Vero! So colourful and uplifting! Very true what you say about rediscovering the creative soul. Same here :-) Good luck and let’s go on together …

  21. Michelle drew

    Love reading your journey and seeing your wonderful work!

  22. Claire Smillie

    so nice to hear your background Veronica! I can relate a lot to your story and I love your saying…doing it right….doing it my way. So so true! I have admired your designs for some time, you have a great style and a strong sense of color. Beautiful work.

  23. Hi Veronica, Lovely designs you got there. Flash presentation :D

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