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UPDATE: I’m afraid this surface pattern design class is not available anymore but Majo has released a new class which promises to be a perfected version of this one; so go and check it out: Reign Repeats: Learning Adobe Illustrator Basics to Create a Faux-Pattern.

Another surface pattern design class coming our way! Aren’t we lucky?

This time is ‘Reign Repeats: create perfect repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator’ and it’s gonna be taught at Skillshare by my lovely friend Majo Bautista V. She’s a Colombian fashion, textile & surface pattern designer living in Milan. She’s been using Adobe design programs for almost 15 years, so she definitely knows her way around them!

Surface pattern designers, graphic designers, illustrators, artists, crafters and anyone else who is interested in pattern design using Adobe Illustrator is welcome.

You’ll need basic drawing tools, digital camera (or mobile phone with a camera), computer with Adobe Illustrator installed (you can get a free 30-day trial available from Adobe) and a Wacom tablet (optional).

On ‘Reign Repeats: create perfect repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator’ you’ll learn:

  • How to use the basic Illustrator tools to bring to life your ideas
  • To create a repeat, both old-school and using Illustrator CS6 new Pattern Tool
  • How to get your hand-drawn sketches vectorised (even if you don’t own a scanner)
  • Also how to apply colour and then easily recolour your design to create new colourways
  • The different types of repeats and how to make them
  • How to prepare perfect files for you to get the best results on Spoonflower. (To learn more about Spoonflower read this post).

If you’re not a Skillshare member you can get a 2-months FREE trial by clicking on the button below, and then use it to do this class and any others you manage to fit in that time (woohoo!).

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I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!


  1. Hi Roxy, thanks for your message. Once you’re registered you can login at any time and do it in your own time and at your own pace, so you don’t need to be available at any specific time… The tools suggested are: digital camera (or mobile phone with a camera), computer with Adobe Illustrator installed (you can get a free 30-day trial available from Adobe) and a Wacom tablet (optional). I hope this helps!

  2. roxy

    hello and thank you for the class. what time will the class start by?
    Also, do I need anything special on my computer? or any other tools?
    thank you.

  3. Hi Melanie, thanks for your message! The class is run by a friend of mine. Once you’re registered you can login at any time and do it in your own time and at your own pace, so you don’t need to be available at any specific time… I don’t know if she’ll be running the class again, I guess it depends on how popular this one is… Hope that helps!

  4. Melanie

    Super interested in this class, but can’t make the time…are you going to offer it again?

  5. Jacquie

    Ah, I see. Yes I have so that makes sense. Thanks for the prompt reply!

  6. Hi Jacquie, the offer is still going… Have you enrolled to any other class with Skillshare? I just read on their terms that the discount applies only to new students…

  7. Jacquie

    Hi there,

    I clicked on the button to register and receive $10 off, but it’s still showing as $30. Is the offer over?

  8. Hi Hannah… Veronica has already answered your question, but wanted to let you know that the course will also be very ice thanks to its muticulturality… It will be nice to see what you all create coming from all over the world :)

    Hello to you too Cindy… CS5 is perfect! You won’t have the pattern tool but you’ll for sure be able to do everything else and get perfect repeats. The class includes 2 live Q&A sessions :) let me know if you want to ask anything else.

    Hope to see you all there! :)

  9. Hi Cindy, thanks for your message!
    The course is run by a friend of mine, not me. You can view all the info at http://skl.sh/16LuM4M. If you feel like you want more detail, I’m sure Majo will be more than happy to answer all your questions. You can contact her through her website at http://www.majobv.com/contact.html
    On the class site she says: “The Pattern Tool comes only with Illustrator CS6, but you can create wonderful repeats the old-school way with a previous version too, but don’t use an older version than CS3-4 or you will miss not only this tool but also many of the new ones that were introduced later on.”
    The class starts on the 7th June, runs for 3 weeks and you do it at your own pace.
    I will encourage you to contact her and ask all you want to know, she is very nice!

  10. Cindy

    Do you have any samples of your courses to for viewing?

  11. Cindy

    Hi Veronica,
    I’m interested in your course. Does it matter which version of Illustrator you’re working in? I’m working still in CS5 and find patterns are sometimes buggy when you drag over to the swatches palette. I would like more details about when the class will meet and for how long. Will there be live chat or just videos?

  12. Hi Hannah, thanks for your message… The course is online and you can be anywhere in the world to do it! You just login at any time and do the course at your own pace, from wherever place you are… Hope that helps!

  13. Talli


  14. Hannah Dugdale

    Hi Veronica
    I’m very interested in doing the course, but just wounded if you can do it from England.
    Thanks Hannah

  15. Hi Talli, thanks for your message! The course is taught by a friend of mine and run by Skillshare, which is an online learning website. The good thing is that you can login at any time and do the course at your own pace. Once the course is finished you have indefinite access to the class. Only one thing, if you want to take advantage of the Spoonflower giveaways you’ll have to upload your class project by the end date… I hope you find this info useful… :-)

  16. Talli

    Hi veronica, just stumbled upon your course and just on time for me… I’d like to know what hours will it be happening and is it possible to view the course at any other time?
    Thanks Talli.

  17. I’m glad you liked it Majo! I just fixed the number of weeks… Good luck!

  18. Vero, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great post!!! You couldn’t have written it all any better :)
    Just one thing… The course actually runs for 3 weeks (too much info to squeeze in 2, hehehe).
    Thanks again, and see you all you fab pattern lovers there ^_^

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