The 'Licensing For Artists' course is now open all year round!

A while ago I wrote a post about artist Juliet Meeks’ ‘Licensing For Artists’ course. It has been a popular one. Art licensing seems to be a very sought-after topic in the surface pattern design universe… Well, guess what? Big news! The course used to be one of those “once a year, blink-and-you-miss-it” events, but recently Juliet decided to keep it open ALL. YEAR. ROUND!

So if you’ve been itching to get into the world of licensing or just want to get better at it, there’s no need to wait around any more. Just get in there whenever you’re ready.

In the world of surface pattern design, licensing is a crucial concept that it’s all about granting permission or legal rights to use and reproduce our artwork or designs.

This process allows artists and designers to collaborate with various industries, such as textiles, home decor, fashion, and stationery, by giving them permission to use our prints and patterns on their products.

'Licensing For Artists' course - Licensed products 1

Why is it such a big deal? Well, many benefits come from licensing your beautiful creations:

  • 💰 Ka-ching! More money: When you license your artwork, you’re not just sharing your creativity, you’re making money too! Licensing can provide a steady stream of income as you receive royalties from product sales that feature your designs.
  • 🌟 Shine bright, get noticed: Collaborations with well-established brands or companies can lead to increased exposure and recognition for your work, helping you build a strong portfolio.
  • 🥚 Mix it up: By licensing your designs, you can diversify your income sources. No more putting all your eggs in one basket.
  • 🤓 Pro skills: Learning the ins and outs of licensing gives artists valuable business skills, negotiation tactics, and legal knowledge.
  • 🎨 More creating, less worrying: Licensing allows artists to focus on what they love most, creating beautiful designs, while leaving the manufacturing and distribution to the experts.

In a nutshell, licensing is surface pattern design’s secret weapon. It’s the perfect tool to turn your passion into a thriving career and achieve your full creative potential in the industry. So, if you’re a budding surface designer, I’d highly recommend mastering this skill.

'Licensing For Artists' course - Licensed products 2

So now that you’re all fired up about licensing, let me tell you a little bit about the ‘Licensing For Artists’ course.

Whether you just want to start licensing or are ready to grow your art licensing brand, this course is perfect to get you all the way there. It can be a game-changer…

‘Licensing for Artists’ course details

  • You have lifetime access to the course and all future updates.
  • All the material is self-paced. You can go at your own rhythm.
  • The course contains 6 modules with 5-6 lessons per module (35+ video lessons).
  • You also get bonus videos, cheatsheets, resource guides, editable templates, and more.
  • There are 9 artist and expert interviews included, with more being added. Some of the fabulous interviewees are Elizabeth Olwen, Annie Chen of Lemonni and Isa Serna of Black Lamb Studio.
  • You have access to a private course community where you can ask questions, get feedback and find accountability.
  • You get access to a Q&A vault and Q&A video replays.
  • As a bonus, students get free lifetime access to one of Juliet’s Skillshare courses, which teaches you how to make patterns in Adobe Photoshop.
  • There’s a 14-day money-back conditional guarantee.
  • The course costs $997. You can also pay with a 6-month payment plan at $197/month.

'Licensing For Artists' course - Juliet at her desk

Here’s an overview of the topics for all 6 modules…

1. Intro to Art Licensing

In this module, you’ll learn the fundamentals of art licensing, covering topics like fee structures, copyright choices, income avenues, and career possibilities for licensing artists.

2. Branding and Online Presence

This module covers brand development, setting up an online licensing portfolio, and using Instagram for brand growth.

3. Creating Marketable Art

In this module, you’ll learn how to refine your style and develop your signature style, research trends, build cohesive collections, and identify your niche for licensing success.

4. Pitching Your Work

This module focuses on how to confidently approach clients, find licensing contacts online, pitch to the press for features, and gain insights from a real-life licensing project.

5. Pricing and Contracts

This module covers licensing fees (royalties vs. flat fees), provides a pricing workbook, and helps you understand contract essentials and red flags to secure fair deals.

6. Client Process and Communication

This module will guide you through the entire client journey, from initial contact to delivering completed files, including professionalism, efficient project briefs, and working seamlessly with clients.

These 6 modules give you everything you need to know to get you licensing your designs in no time!

I’d suggest visiting the course’s testimonials page to see what her many students are saying. There’s nothing like finding out the experience of others to get you off the fence when making decisions about courses. I’ve been there…

'Licensing For Artists' course - Testimonial 1
'Licensing For Artists' course - Testimonial 2

And who’s Juliet Meeks?

Juliet is an established artist and licensing expert with an amazing journey in the world of art licensing since 2015. She has an impressive portfolio of 50+ licenses with well known brands, including Anthropologie, Uncommon Goods, Birchbox, Hedley & Bennett, and many more… You can spot her beautiful creations beautifying products at Barnes & Noble, Cost Plus World Market, Home Goods, and T.J. Maxx, amongst others.

Juliet’s mission is to share her expertise and help us bring our creations to life through art licensing. As a self-taught licensing artist, she really knows all the ins and outs, and the ups and downs.

She created her ‘Licensing for Artists’ course as a step-by-step roadmap to help us achieve our creative potential without all the trial and error, making our artistic dreams a reality!

'Licensing For Artists' course - Juliet in her studio

Alright, let’s wrap it up… Licensing is the secret sauce for surface pattern designers, offering a world of income, exposure, diversification, and professional growth. Ready to take your career to new heights? Juliet Meeks’ ‘Licensing For Artists’ course might be your golden ticket.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions, so don’t be shy—share them in the comments below! And if you’re dreaming of kickstarting your art licensing journey, there’s no better time than now! Just click the button below to visit the course’s page and find out all the details…

I believe in full transparency and want you to know that my link is an affiliate link for her course, and I may receive a percentage of any enrolments (at no extra cost to you, but it does help run the blog!). But please be assured that I only recommend stuff that I would buy/use myself, and that’s a promise.

I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!

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