Yago Hortal on Pitter Pattern [5]

Yago Hortal’s sensational acrylic neon paintings have me completely mesmerised!

Yago is an award-winning artist, born in Barcelona, Spain in 1983. He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions, and international art fairs around the world.

My color palette is derived from pigments that make me feel strong emotions. Mostly, I use pure colors, as they have the best intensity and vibration. I mix it by instinct, and I never use black – Yago Hortal [interview via Allure]

Enjoy the wonderful explosion of colour!

Yago Hortal on Pitter Pattern [3]
Yago Hortal on Pitter Pattern [4]
Yago Hortal on Pitter Pattern [2]
Yago Hortal on Pitter Pattern [1]

You can find more of his amazing work on his website at yagohortal.com.

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  1. My pleasure Adriana, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Funny you mention the fun in naming them as he names them with one or two letters and numbers, that’s all… For example the top painting is called SP75… Interesting! :-)

  2. Oh wow – these are incredibly visceral. I can completely see how he paints by instinct. I also really love how his paintings do the whole cloud, shape shifting thing – I find myself seeing images within them. I imagine these would be really fun to name, thanks for sharing!

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