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Hello there! Welcome to stop #38 of this amazing blog hop… Nice to see that you have made it this far! You probably have arrived here through Eli Risty’s blog, Risty Design. She’s a surface pattern designer living in Donosti (Basque Country).

If you just found the blog hop at this point and want to see all the entries, then you can head to Gill Eggleston’s blog, Pattern Addict, where the blog hop starts.

50+ designers are celebrating the start of a new year by creating this colossal surface pattern design blog hop. Each of us created a mini collection of prints based on a ‘Let’s Fly’ theme and using Pantone’s colour of the year, Emerald, so we have more than 150 gorgeous designs for you to feast your eyes on! The blog hop has been organised and curated by the lovely Rosie Martinez-Dekker from Believe Creative Studio. Thanks Rosie!

For my designs, I decided to use a little creature that gets little attention and appreciation… So, may I introduce my little friends, the flies!

'No Flies On Me' design by Veronica Galbraith | Pitter Pattern

'No Flies On Me' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith [1] | Pitter Pattern

'No Flies On Me' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith [2] | Pitter Pattern

'No Flies On Me' surface pattern design by Veronica Galbraith [3] | Pitter Pattern

I hope you enjoyed my designs!

Have you liked the designs shared in the blog hop so far? Are you feeling inspired? Please leave any comments you may have. I would love to hear from you!

You can now visit the next designer, Jacqueline van Roosmalen in the Netherlands, at her blog Colourbook Studio, where you will find some lovely little creatures waiting for you…

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and enjoy the rest of your blog hop journey!

I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print and web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!


  1. Thanks Ellie for your lovely comments! Good luck to you too in 2013!

  2. Fabulous and unique fly collection, so cute these colorful flies with transparent wings. Very nice patterns and original drawings too. Best to you for the coming year Vero.

  3. Wow, thanks for all the amazing and lovely comments and thank you for taking the time to visit the blog hop! All your words make me really, really happy and give me loads of encouragement to keep going doing what I love!

  4. I SO love the flys! Very clever! Really fabulous collection! All the best wishes to you for 2013!

  5. Zoe Attwell

    Very striking Veronica! Love the grey with the green

  6. Stunning Vero, the flies, the colours, as allways your designs are so great! All the best in 2013!

  7. deborahvelasquez

    La Mosca! So clever and fun! What a great take on the theme! Great! Happy 2013.

  8. Very nice, I like that you have made something attractive with flies!

  9. Very clever Vero!

  10. I looove your designs, so original!

  11. Emine

    FUN flies! Love the collection Vero! All the best in 2013 : )

  12. Wow, Vero, these are ace! Fab colours as always – who would have thought that grey can be so popping … Real fun take on the theme – LOVE! All the best for 2013!

  13. Hi, Love the flies! I too am a graphic designer with a passion for pattern! I like to make them in my spare time. I find it very therapeutic!

  14. Wow, absolutely fantastic patterns! It’s cool to be using flies and still being able to make such pretty patterns out of them. Loving your colours too, you are really gifted :)

  15. Ah! This design is absolutely fantastic even though eek! they are flies. You are brave to pic such a topic, it did cross my brain but then I thought, uy no! You are a fantastic designer to make this work!!! Awesome :-)

  16. Beautiful Vero, I can feel them flying around me!
    Como siempre muy lindo trabajo!
    Mucho exito en este 2013!!!
    Thanks for participating in the bloghop and thanks for the credit. I really appreciate it!

  17. Simi Gauba

    Love your work Vernonica! its unique and fantastic! am truly wowwwed!

  18. I had though of flies but did’nt have the courage! THEY ARE FAB. Congratulations on the original solution to the theme. Dawn x

  19. Njeridesigns

    Did I say how much I love these flies? I always have a problem with them, but you managed to make me see them in a whole new gorgeous way!!!

  20. totally original! Love the flies… fun and very clever

  21. What a great idea for a pattern! and like Leska mentioned, it kind of reminds me of synchronized swimmers a bit. FUN and creatives ideas, Vero!!

  22. Veronica… me mataste con tus moscas!!! Que chistosa eres! Están divinas! Las ultimas hasta parecen bailando ballet, hahahhaha. Lograste transformar un insecto tan desagradable en algo lindo, llamativo y divertido. Super!!!

  23. I loved the literal and clever take on the subject. I am still laughing. The patterns are great and funny. The colours are obviously great too, because, as someone else from the Indigo group said, you’re a colour queen. And I found the sketches very interesting too. Congrats, dear.

  24. spaark

    Veronica- flies! Perfect. What an interesting color combo that worked so well for you. Very creative. Best of luck to you! Julie

  25. mel

    love it! who would have thought flies could be pretty! very good idea … bravo

  26. You’ve turned something I hate into something I love! I would love a shirt dress in your top design :)

  27. Your collection had me smiling from first glance! Very creative and clever! Good luck in 2013!

  28. Leska Hamaty

    How cool is that, reminds me of synchronized swimmers. Very creative and beautiful!

  29. iccle

    Such a fun collection. Love it!

  30. I would never thought of designing with a fly! Great idea and it’s nice to see a little of the process! Nice to meet you Veronica! -Dariela

  31. infemity

    congrats on giving the fly a good show! that’s talent :)

  32. Lesley Todd (@finchfivedesign)

    LOVE your flies!!! Brilliant!!! The patterns you’ve created with them are fab!! I started out with bees but somehow ended up with aviation!

  33. Oh, the flies are wonderful! My favorite is the one on top! And the fly-flowers too…

  34. really cool use of colour against grey – I love it! Lots of success for you in 2013 I hope!

  35. cara

    gosh those colours become almost neon in that combination. very striking.

  36. Jen Whitham (@JLWIllustration)

    Turning flys into flowers. Now that is inspiring, i love them. X

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